Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Gray & Citrine Yellow...Perfect for a baby shower!

Photo credit: The Party Dress

I recently attended an elegant Bridal Shower that left me inspired.  I knew it would be posh because the bride -to-be is a Wedding Planner who has planned weddings and events for some very well known celebrities...I was not disappointed!  The gray & yellow color combination is one of my favorites so, it was fun to soak in all of the details.  I also left thinking about how fun it would be to incorporate these colors into a baby shower theme (especially if the sex of the baby is a surprise or if it's for girl & boy twins.) 

So, here is what I've come up...

The Invitation...

Check out these invitations from How about orange...

O.k. I know these are wedding invites but, this is a FREE download and print invitation.  You can change the details, font etc... and slip in a classic gray envelope.  Jessica Jones of  How about orange... offers some other (to die for) designs that are also FREE.  How could something so cool be FREE?  You'll have to see for yourself.

Photo credit  The Sweet Occasion

Love the gray & white seersucker tablecloth with bouquets of yellow roses. You can find seersucker fabric at any fabric store and make your own.  Flowers always look more modern & stylish when you stick with one color for your arrangement.  I like to go to my local Farmer's market and buy tulips, daisies or roses all in the same color.  The banner from Sweet Occasions adds a personal touch.  I would also add large glass vases or bowls filled with fresh lemons throughout.  I do this at home on a regular basis to brighten my kitchen.

This table from Lollipop Events & Designs is a dream! 
Check out the DIY section on their website for more great ideas.
A garden setting for a baby shower is wonderful if the weather allows it. 
This could also be set up indoors or on a terrace.
Party Favors...

Bake  a batch of  (super easy) Lemon cookies (this recipe has 4 ingredients) and place a few cookies in each bag. You can find bags like these at craft stores or you can even use pinking shears to cut down ordinary white lunch sacks.  Fold over and punch holes for the ribbon.  You can also add a stamp or label.  Take the mama-to-be's last name and print a script style letter in gray for each bag.  You can also add "Baby (couples last name) is on it's way"

Or another idea I had...

Buy old fashioned yellow candy sticks like these.  Tie a few together with gray satin ribbon with a small tag hanging off.  These were $12.00 for 80 sticks at Candy Warehouse.

The menu...

Chinese Chicken Salad - Everyone has their favorite.  (I do but, can't find!  I will post this recipe later) 
Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins (store're already baking cookies, don't knock yourself out!)

The drinks...
I think anything with a chic yellow umbrella will work but, here are some suggestions...
Iced Tea with mint & lemon slices
Lemon Strawberry Punch or Lemon drop Martini or "Mocktail"


Lemonade Party Cake  - I've made this cake and have been asked to bring this cake to several events.  It is so easy to make but, everyone will think you are genius!  Add edible flowers or thin slices of lemon to the top of the cake.  You can also find this recipe on the back of the Betty Crocker Lemon Cake mix...who knew?

Thanks for dropping in.   I'll be adding new themes daily weekly every few days with some other cool stuff in between.  I would love to hear your ideas too:)

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  1. Love it! My sis-in-law had a gray and yellow and blue motif at her wedding and it was gorge. Love your design ideas!