Saturday, May 8, 2010

Hello lover....

Seriously beautiful!  If you have a hubby that is a last minute shopper (like mine) maybe it's not too late to add this "Madly Delicious" necklace to your wish list for Mother's Day?  We cook.   We clean.  We fix boo-boos.  We gave birth...nuff said!  I think we all deserve something special.  This one of a kind necklace is the work of artist Tami Hichman of Relics by Tami. Not only is she an amazing jewelry designer, she is a homeschooling mom to adorable twin boys amazing sister-in-law!  Tami has been designing jewelry since she was a little girl and has used jewelry design as a creative outlet ever since...lucky us!  Tami will be showing her latest collection today at Rebel in Fashion Island, Newport Beach. 

A bit about the designer...  Tami Hichman resides in Southern California with her husband, Bruce, and their adorable twin boys, Cody and Caleb.  From a young age, Tami had a love for designing jewelry. Her passion grew over the years and led to the fulfillment of a longtime ambition. . . the launching of Relics Jewelry in 2004.  Each of Tami's one-of-a-kind creations is a perfect blend of old and new. She finds inspiration for her collections in the beautiful patina and worn details of rare vintage finds.  Tami is fortunate to be featured in amazing stores and is grateful to  the wonderful clientele who continue to bless her.

Happy Mother's Day!  XOXO Andrea


  1. I love that necklace.
    Like, passionate love.

  2. Thanks for your sweet comment. I know...gorgeous! You can find some of her pieces locally at Solo Cedros. When you walk in, they're in a glass case in the first section on the right. Just in case you want to see in person:)

  3. Andrea,
    What a fun surprise! Thank you so much for mentioning my jewelry!
    Love you sis,