Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Which would you choose?

I am very passionate about my company, my clients and the quality of my product. I do what I can to reach my niche market but, I also realize that it may not fit into every one's budget... or so I thought? Well, a very conservative business man recently approached me to tell me what he thought about B.Y.O.G. Here's what he said.
"My wife really wanted one of these when she had our daughter but, I didn't get her one. (buy a round of golf instead?) I like your product but, I didn't want to spend $95.00 on a hospital gown. (Fair enough.) My wife went into labor last October and she wore the gown that the hospital provided (you mean the used, overly bleached, open in the back one?) It wasn't the greatest but, she didn't have much choice. (YEAH, cuz you were being cheap!) About a month later I received my hospital bill and noticed a pretty hefty charge for medical supplies. so, I requested an itemized bill. I was pretty shocked to see that we were charged $150.00 for the hospital gown that we left behind at the hospital! I should of made my wife happy and bought her a B.Y.O.G." (I heart you!)
This frugal (brilliant and wonderful) man decided it might be a better option to buy instead of rent next time. He said, "you should really look into this." And I will! I'll post my findings soon!

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One last thing... do you have an "ugly" gown story? Do tell!


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