Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Do your kids help out around the house? Here are a few Chore Charts that might get them started.

My kids went back to school last week but, it seems today is the official day for most.  I realized by the end of last week that we are a family that needs to adhere to a schedule.  We do so much better.  Summer was fun but, a bit of a free for all.  And now between homework, late football practices and after school activities our house is getting tore up! I seriously need help and my kids are definitely old enough to pitch in on a regular basis. So, I decided it was time to get organized.  I've always threatened talked about using a chore chart because I don't want to yell ask three times to do a simple chore (make beds, pick up clothes off the floor etc...)  Now that I'm committed to using a chore chart, I started to search for one that will work for our family and not look too lame hanging in our kitchen (where it must be placed or I'll forget and never enforce it!)  I was surprised to see how many choices are out there and I'm so thankful for the Moms that took the time to share their creative ideas.  Cause, I'm way too busy picking up after everyone!  P.S. If you have toddlers, start with small task that won't overwhelm them (or cause more grief for you) like picking up a few toys etc.. You will thank me later:)
Here are my top picks:

#1. Chore sticks from Embellish Goods Free download here.
These would look kind of cute in a glass jar or even a vintage vase. 
They do not take up too much space...I think I have a winner!

#2. Decore Friendly Chore Chart from Tatertots & Jello

#3. Clipboard Chore Chart from Stacy Julian
I like these a lot!  It would be nice to print out a sheet each with different chores each week.

#4. This is chart from Brown Paper is Packages is cute
(if you have the time/talent?)

 #5. Ribbon Chore Chart
This chore chart can be customized to match any decor.
I couldn't find the original site but, it looks like you just need:
Ribbon (that you can write/paint on)
Fabric pens or paint
Clothes pins
Hanger or a loop on the back to hang.

#6. Clipboard Chart with Allowance Pocket

I like how this chart has included an allowance pocket.  I think most kids would want to check their chart  frequently if they there might be a little money waiting for them.  Good idea!

Good luck and I hope you are rewarded with eager helpers around the house! Now I just need to figure out how much allowance to give??


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