Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A little Summer fun!

The days are dwindling down.  The aisles that once displayed beach towels and sand toys are now replaced with notebooks and three ring binders.  Nooooooooo!  I love Summer and I'm not ready to think about the rigorous schedule that is fast approaching.  I have enjoyed hanging out with my family and friends at the beach. Watching my kids learn to surf.  Swimming in the pool after dark.   The last couple months have been filled with many adventures and it's hard for my brain to make the switch.  I have also been perusing Pinterest (you may remember from an earlier post?)  and I found a few simple, inexpensive & F U N things you can do with your little ones.  Savor the last days of Summer!

#1.  Bubble snakes! From HowDoesShe.com

#2. DIY Car wash - Directions for similar project at Crafty Sisters

#3. Lava lamps from S L S Smith Photography

#4. Build a reading tent from My Cakies
#5. Marble race track from My Home Spun Threads


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