Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Kids and pets

Our latest addition...a dwarf/mix bunny named "Willow."  or "S'mores" No, "Willow."  He can't make up his mind!  My son loves all creatures.  Since he could walk he has been collecting bugs, lizards and other backyard creatures.  His curiosity has forced me to face my fear of slimy, winged and scaled things!  I spend so much time trying to teach my kids and they always seem to teach me right back! We constantly have a "found" pet in our dwelling. Usually a lizard.  Sometimes a pair of June bugs.  I've sort of gotten used to it.  When birthdays or holidays come around the first thing on his list is always a living, breathing thing. This last birthday he asked for an iguana...yuck!  We took him to a reptile show to check out all the creatures and he fell in love with a chameleon.  I was trying to point out all the selling points as I pictured this in our house...it could blend in with the decor? No..still not sold!  Just as I was warming up to the idea he spotted a tiny, bunny in the pet store.  It was love at first sight!  How could we say no to this face?? So now we have a little fuzzy, bunny hopping around our house.  He/she is super cute and very social.  He loves being around people and doesn't mind being held against his will cuddled.  We are in the midst of liter box training and my son has been really good about taking care of him/her??  We won't know the sex until it is about 6 months old.  Here are some pics of our other house pets...aren't they cute?? lol!

"Ralph" the motorcyle riding lizard.
 "Sticky" the stick bug.  If you look close you'll see another one on his head!!!

"Tiki" the whistling budgee
 "Little green" He called to it and it landed on him.  They were meant to be.
"Gunner" the boxer.
Never say never.  If you have kids, you may eventually end up with a pet or two or three?  Trust me...I did not foresee any of these in my future but, I have grown to love most of them. Pets are also a good way for kids to learn about compassion and responsibility.

Noah wants to add.. "These are NOT pets...please respect the ocean.


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