Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A gift from the heart...

I had the pleasure of meeting the founder of Tutus & Tuques, she is based in North San Diego!  She is the brains and the pure heart behind this amazing organization.  She is also mom to an adorable little girl who is seeing an extraordinary example of love and service through her mother's work in their community and across the country.

Tutus & Tuques is a non profit organization that provides small groups nationwide with tools to make gifts for their local children's hospitals for kids battling cancer & chronic disease.

I think many of us would like to get involved and do something to make a difference in our community but, sometimes we aren't sure how to go about it.  That's why I love Tutus & Tuques!  They have taken care of all the details and made it simple, fun and empowering for women to get together and truly make a difference.

Here's an excerpt from their website:
"Inspired by the story of Kate McRae, a 5 year old girl fighting a cancerous brain tumor. Kate's family had called people to pray for their daughter, follow her & her family's story & to give for a Christmas project that would bless all the kids on Kate's floor. My heart bled getting to 'know' Kate online and
Tutus & Tuques was born out of a desire to see other kids fighting the same battle each day touched in a way that would remind them of how special they each are. Praying about what could be made for the kids; I watched my own 2 year old dancing around in her tutu and wondered, what is more magical and transformative than a tutu for a little girl. Soft, and adorably hand embroidered hats with robots and space craft were the playful treats for the boys. I'm Canadian by birth and grew up with hats being called tuques, and thus 'Tutus and Tuques (that's hats!)' was born."
How cute are these  hats tuques?
No doubt the tutus and hats are adorable but, you can almost see the love put into each piece as it is carefully wrapped and adorned with ribbon.  You cannot give a more special or meaningful gift!

Are you interested in hosting a Tutus and Tuques party? 
Here's the scoop...

Gather a group of friends, family, neighbors or co-worker's and contact tutusandtuques@me.com
Share your story, who you are and how many might be attending.  Once details and shipping information is finalized, you will received your kits in the mail. 

Some tips...
Suggested donation amount per project $5.00
Their website states that each project has a suggested donation amount of $5.00. but, please check to be sure.  They have some new projects that may have different cost involved.

Anyone can participate...no need to be "crafty."
"With some prep the tutus and hats are able to be made with next to zero specialized skill, (tying knots, a simple stitch) and no equipment!"
I've been gathering my girlfriends and clearing calendars so I can host a Tutus & Tuques party for our next Girl's Night Out In.  Can't wait to post pics soon:)  If you host a party, please write and send pics. We'd love to see them!

You can find more information at http://www.tutusandtuques.com/ or visit them on Facebook Tutus & Tuques (that's hats!) to see more party photos.

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