Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sowing seeds and weeding out chaos.

Some days are a blur...

6:30AM - Alarm goes off.
6:30 - 7:00AM - Make coffee, shower and get dressed
7:00 -7:30 AM - Make breakfast, pack lunchboxes, Sign school forms, reading logs etc...
7:50AM - Walk to school (did we forget anything?) Run back, grab it and continue on to school
8:00 AM - Front of school. (Yay we made it!)

Kiss. Smooch. (Yes my boys still let me kiss the tops of their heads at school!) My little one almost always runs back to give me another squeeze. I admit some days I don't know what I would do without that extra squeeze. It's not a bad routine but, every morning it is the same routine. After I send them off to school, I continue my walk. Get home. Re-heat coffee. Clean up the dishes..."lather, rinse repeat." All of our mornings are pretty much the same. Should they be different? I've been thinking a lot about that lately. Now that my kids are in school I struggle with the amount of quality time that I have with them. After extracurricular courses, homework, playing outside with friends, dinner etc... there's only a couple good hours left to read a short story or just talk about our day and by then I'm pretty spent. I want more! I want to be purposeful with my time. It was so much easier when they were preschoolers. Now our days seem rushed and filled with obligations. And we are only doing a quarter of the activities that most families take on. I want to make sure that I am doing all I can do, instilling all I can instill in my children and sowing seeds that will faithfully blossom later. It took a tragic event to remind me that although life can sometimes feel overwhelming, each day is a blessing and I pray that at the end of each day there is the promise of a new day. Raising healthy, happy children is a pretty big job but, why stop there? How about raising compassionate children or children who are inspired to share their gifts & talents with the world? What seeds do you want to sow in your children? Every day that we spend with the people we love is an incredible gift. Use it wisely. From now on I certainly will. I am making a conscious effort to sow seeds in my children today, not tomorrow or on the weekend when we have a little more time. Today.

In loving memory of Gina


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