Saturday, September 18, 2010

Burlap Banner

B O O!
I have been having fun creating with burlap lately.  I became inspired after seeing all of the cool vintage grainsack textiles. The grainsack is hard to come by but, burlap on the other hand is inexpensive and available at any fabric store.  It think it has a casual elegant look to it.  I bought 2 yards of burlap at the craft store for $2 per yard and I was able to make two table runners, a Halloween banner and I still have some left over.  It goes a long way!  The first thing I made was this table runner for a Baby Shower/Afternoon tea that I was hosting with my good friend.  I cut the fabric lengthwise to make  a runner for my rectangular table.  Then, I stitched the edges and painted orange seahorses and turquoise shells to go with our theme. 
I was so happy with it that I started to make another one in black to use on a daily basis. 
Still working on it but, here's a preview.
And  there was still some burlap left over so, I made a Halloween banner.


O.k....I think I got my fill of burlap!  Unless you have new ideas to share?  If you do...send them!
 If you would like to make your own banner, follow these directions:
 Note: Make sure to put newspaper or paper towels underneath the burlap before you begin painting.
Cut  long triangles - 1 triangle for each letter in your banner
Fold the top down leaving a 1 inch. opening.
Stitch along the cut edge or hot glue it to create a pocket.
Next print out (in a Stencil like font) your letters on card stock.
Some ideas are...

          •  Boo!

          • Welcome

          • Happy Halloween

          • Harvest

          • Autumn

  1. Cut the letters out.

  2. Trace the letters onto the burlap with a pencil or black Sharpie.

  3. Using a small paint brush and black acrylic paint, fill in the letters.
  4. Let the paint dry.
  5. Take a long ribbon (black & white striped would be really cute.) or piece of tulle and feed it through the pocket along the top of the triangle with a sharp pencil or wooden dowel.
  6. Tie loops on each end of your ribbon or tulle and hang on a fireplace mantel, window, front door or garden gate to scare the goblins away!
Here are some other burlap projects that I found...

Bryn Alexandra

 Photo credit: Funkyshique

Have fun creating!


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