Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Teacher Appreciation or End of Year Gifts

I am seriously wondering who chose the first week in June as the week to officially show our appreciation for our teachers? My calendar is already marked up with all of the scheduled field trips, Open House and school events. Yesterday, I literally had to be two places at once and failed miserably! My 1st grader was receiving a special award at school and I was on a field trip with my 3rd grader at the same time so I missed! After school he comes running out of his classroom (shiny gold medal around his neck.) "Mommy, I got my medal!" Two seconds later... "Where were you?" My heart sank for a moment, then I blurted out, "let's go get a frozen yogurt to celebrate!" Um...damage control. I think my diversion worked (at least temporarily) and although
I still feel guilty for not being there for him,
he was pretty much over it by the time he dug his spoon in.

It's hard to be a Mom and to feel like you have to be everywhere at once!!! I often have too many balls in the air and sometimes feel like a failure when they all come crashing down.

So... back to teacher appreciation. We brought our flower in today to our fabulous 1st grade teacher and we will also present her with a group gift. My son's awesome 3rd grade teacher is having lunch brought in each day from his favorite restaurants so, he's covered (unless I forget to bring his RBC burrito tomorrow!) Our school may be a little different from most because in addition to our home room teachers, my kids also have an art teacher, music teacher, P.E. teacher and Literacy Specialist aka "Story Queen." Oh...and a very caring school nurse who has fixed my kids boo boos more times than I can count. So, I was looking around for a little something for my kids to give to each of them. The goal is to show our thanks without breaking the bank. I searched around and found some great D.I.Y. ideas and even found some FREE printable gifts.
P.S. These would also work well as end of year gifts.

Now I just need to decide which one to give?

First up.... the creative water bottle. "For a Tea-riffic Teacher" Download and print label here
Photo credit: Domesticated lady
Here's another D.I.Y. example. It reads, "Thanks for quenching our thirst for knowledge."
Then I found this... "We need S'more teachers like you!"
Directions and free printable here.
Photo credit: Domesticated lady
and this...
(If you don't have time to bake, buy a few cookies or scones from the bakery or fill it with their favorite candy.) You'll find the download and instructions here at Living Locurto

Photo credit: Living Locurto
One year my boys gave their teachers a homemade sugar hand scrub similar to this one.
Photo credit: Ruffled blog
You can find glass jars at ikea, Dollar store or recycle jars you have saved at home.

50% Sugar
50% Vegetable glycerin or coconut oil
2 drops of your favorite essential oil (lemon grass, pink grapefruit, tangerine, peppermint, lavender)

Mix and place in jar. Print a self-adhesive label or tie a handwritten tag around the lid with a ribbon.
Download printable jar label like the one in the photo here

Note to self... start making teacher appreciation gifts in April next year!!!
These are suggestions but, I'm sure most teachers would appreciate any form of acknowledgment for their dedication and hard work. I know I'll sure miss my kiddo's teachers this summer when I'm trying to keep them busy or listening to them say "I'm bored" for the 100th time!


  1. These are awesome! I should have read this post yesterday when I went out to the fabric store to buy fabric for an apron I was going to make both teachers. It somehow needed more fabric then I thought and I walked out of their spending $50!! I did buy two patterns as well but I thought I was going cheap by making them something!! So thank you for posting these and next year I will stay clear from patterns and use one of these cute ideas!

    P.S. I love Golden Spoon and it works great to cover up my mishaps!

  2. Thanks! I thought they were cute too. Just wish I didn't find them so late! I'm trying not to be a procrastinator. The apron idea is awesome!