Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Meet Nicole of Designer Mamas

We are so excited to now offer B.Y.O.G. labor & delivery gowns

to our hip mamas in Australia & New Zealand!

Meet Nicole, owner of Designer Mamas and our

Hip Mama of the month.

Q. What was the inspiration behind Designer Mamas?

A. I created Designer Mamas as I believe in the need for women to feel beautiful at a time that can be unknown, frightening and wonderful all at the same time. It is not everyday a woman gives birth and we should encourage them to feel good on such a special day!

Q. How many children do you have?

A. I have 3 beautiful children, Lara-Grace 4, Lachlan 2, and little Baby Edi 5 months

Q. How do you balance your time between family, business etc...?

A. It is a constant juggling act, I'm no superwoman that's for sure! Thankfully my children are pretty good and allow me snippets of time throughout the day to get things done. Oh and my all important BLACKBERRY - couldn't function without it!

Q. What is the big fashion trend (or must have accessory) in Australia right now?

A. We are coming into winter here in Australia, so it would definitely have to be some super hot boots!

Q.Did you have a favorite maternity product when you were expecting?

A. I wish I could say my Designer Hospital Gown here but I just missed out on that one! Watch this space if I might get one more chance... I would probably have to say my flat comfortable shoes, or does chocolate count..

Q. What new and exciting things can we expect at Designer Mamas?

A. We are always looking at products and services to add that will compliment our Designer Hospital Gowns, but right now we are focusing on introducing them to the market in Australia and New Zealand.

Q. What is the one attraction or place we should not miss seeing when visiting Australia?

A. Definitely the Sydney Opera house, simply remarkable and divine!

I would love to visit the Sydney Opera house someday! It was so nice to chat with Nicole and learn a little more about her and her beautiful family. I hope she does get one more chance (especially now that she know where to find a pretty hospital gown!) and yes Nicole...chocolate always counts!!!

Please check out Nicole's online boutique at


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