Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Tooth Fairy leaves dust?

Well it seems like every other month the tooth fairy pays us a visit. Noah is now 6 and his teeth are falling out like crazy! The last one fell out just a couple weeks ago at school. Losing a tooth in Kindergarten is BIG news! He ran out of the classroom with the Tooth bag and a big gummy smile. I made a mental note to get some new, crisp dollar bills on my way home from work. That night was like many nights in our home. We get home, we start homework, dinner, bath, reading and bed. I was wiped out from a long day of work plus all of the above (Daddy was working late to top it off.) Long story short... I fell asleep and forgot to be the Tooth Fairy!!! Holy crap! I thought to myself when I woke up and saw his sad face starring at me. I tried to distract him. I said, " I bet that Tooth Fairy is being tricky and hid your money?" I slipped a wad of money under his mattress (guilty Mom= extra cash.) He ran into his room and started feverishly looking around. He didn't leave a pillow or stuffed animal unturned! Then finally he caught a glimpse of green peeking out from under his mattress. He grabbed the money and kept looking around. I said, "Noah what did she leave for you?" He says, "A bunch of dollars." "Cool, so why are you still looking around?" "I didn't see the dust." "Zoe said she saw a trail of fairy dust!" Well I thought I had recovered quite well with the whole sneaking the money thing but, dust? Where am I going to find fairy dust and how am I going to now leave a trail of it? (P.S. Thanks Zoe's mom for making the rest of us moms feel like losers!) So... we decided that the fairy didn't leave dust this time because she had a long list of kids to visit and teeth to collect. I thought about the dust all day and decided to prepare for the next fallen tooth. I am armed and ready and unlike Zoe's mom I am caring enough to share this little secret with all of you! BTW... Just found out that Zoe also had Leprachaun's visit her house and while they were there they turned the toilet water green! I decided to befriend Zoe's mom so, I too can get tips for all of the upcoming holidays and I promise to share them with you! I might even have a few of my own now that I know what I'm up against! As for the "Fairy dust" you can find it here or make your own using glitter.

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  1. so so cute. Great idea. Tabitha is hoping her's will fall out but they are not even loose. I will be prepared now!
    Thank you!