Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Sea of Polka Dots, Satin & Tulle!

Today was a beautiful, sunny day in Southern California. Me, my girlfriend Traci and her two littlest pumpkins took a drive down the coast to Long Beach. We were on a mission to find some amazing ribbon for Traci. We spent a good hour perusing through hundreds of spools of ribbon at Fabric Barn. (They seriously need to change the name. Fabric is the least of what they have.) We found ourselves in a sea of polka dots, satin and tulle. Traci is a true artist and has an eye for color, texture and style. She knew exactly what she needed and found a few surprises too! She is definitely a Paper Artist but, I hate to put her in a box with that title because she is so much more! She creates the most beautiful and unique books for friends and now friends of friends. They are perfect for moms like me who do not know how to create scrapbooks or don't have the time or patience. You can just add your favorite photos or keepsakes to her books but, "scrapbook" is not the right word for these little works of art! Her books are so sought after that she has decided to make a home business out of it. Don't get too excited yet... she has three little ones all under the age of 4, so this smart mommy is taking her time. I have to say that she is passionate and determined so, I don't think it will be long before she gets her store up and running. I'll keep you posted!
Here are some photos from our shopping trip.
Traci promised to share photos of her creations with us too! (a later post.) This is obviously the place to go for ribbon and the prices are AMAZING!
Some of the spools are 25 yards for $3.00 You can also cut just what you need right from the self-service spools.

Fabric Barn is located at:
311 E. Anaheim Street
Long Beach, CA 90804
Mon-Sat 9-5 Sun 10-4

P.S. If you plan on visiting, go early... they offer a 10% discount if you are there before 11AM.
One more thing! Park close and lock your car!!!


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