Monday, March 9, 2009

It's a girl for Maxine Bahns!

(Nikki Ziering & Maxine Bahns 1/9/09)
The Mentalist's Maxine Bahns welcomed daughter Madison Rose on Sunday, March 8th in Santa Monica, CA. I met Maxine and girlfriend Niki Ziering back in January at the Boom Boom Room where they were shopping for all the latest. Maxine chose a B.Y.O.G. gown in Bellini print for her big day! Nikki should be next, their due dates were only a few weeks apart. Congratulations to Maxine and husband Patrick Watson.


  1. 2 posts this month!! How cool are you!?!?! You are doing great, keep it up. I know how hard it is but just look how far you have come!!!

  2. I know... watch out! I just added a third post... I'm on a role! Hope all is well! Thanks for the encouragement.