Monday, January 14, 2008

What to pack for the hospital (labor & delivery 101)

I found a list after searching on google but, when I got to the part about what your spouse should pack,
"A bathing suit. If your partner wants to take a bath or shower during labor, you may want to jump in with her." I decided that I needed to make a list for REAL Moms in REAL labor! I'm sorry but, I could barely stand my husband rubbing my arm during labor. There was no way he was jumping in the shower or bath with me!

  • Birth plan
  • Insurance information & pre-registration forms
  • Headband or hair bands to keep your hair out of your face
  • Lip moisturizer... I like einstein lip therapy
  • Moisturizer for dry skin or massage
  • B.Y.O.G. because you don't want to wear a used, scratchy hospital gown and I KNOW you don't want your assets exposed either. In case you haven't heard... hospital gowns do not close in the back. If you decide to breastfeed in a regular hospital gown you will have to pull the whole thing down in the front (exposing both breast) too. It's not designed with new moms in mind.
  • Socks - It's a good idea to buy socks with a non-skid tread on the bottom. The hospital floor can be very slippery.
  • Tennis balls - For massaging your back during labor.
  • Lollipops to relieve dry mouth. Preggie pops also help with nausea
  • Focal point - The ultrasound photo. A stuffed animal or anything that will help you relax & focus during contractions.
  • Pillow - You can bring your own pillow. It might help if you are sensitive to smells. The hospital pillow cases are bleached and washed thousands of times (just like the hospital gowns.) Be sure and use a bright or patterned pillowcase so it doesn't get left behind.
  • Baby book - For baby's first footprints. I was so sad that I didn't do this!
  • Camera/Video camera - Charged & ready to go!
  • Lansinoh - If you plan on breastfeeding, you will need this.

There is a separate list of items needed for after delivery too.

As far as your spouse's list goes... I do believe that you need to pack for them too (because they probably won't do it)
I'm going to do some research and post both list at a later date.


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